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Christian Kane and Steve Carlson Fiction
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This is a community for Christian Kane and Steve Carlson

It's obviously all about Christian Kane and Steve Carlson, their state of mind, and ours.
This is a community for all things Christian Kane and Steve Carlson. You can post your stories and art here, along with any news on the boys that you want to share. As long as the guys are the main focus or your post, we'll accept pretty much anything.
#1. Play nice. No flaming will be tolerated.
#2. It's not strictly necessary that your fiction would have Steve/Chris as main pairing, but please make sure that at least one of the guys features in it.
#3. Do not post fiction oustide of a lj cut. It usually makes people go crazy. :P
#4. We will not ban you if you forget to use tags (duh!), but please take a look at the list on the sidebar.
#5. Have fun!
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